Tremor demo1 README

			Welcome to Tremor Demo 1!
tremor homepage:
tremor demo1 download:

Retrieve the tar file.  Untar it with:

tar xvfz tremor-demo1-LinuxELF.static.bin.tar.gz

Go to the demo directory:

cd tremor-demo1

There should be three scripts in this directory:  demo1, demo2, and

demo1:  Try this one first.  If it runs too slowly on your machine,
		see below.
demo2:  Uses a faster but occasionally uglier texture mapper.  Use this
		if demo1 is too slow.
demo3:  This puts things in wireframe mode which is kind of cool to play

The demo does have some sound support, mostly just expletives when you
bump into things and a sound when the doors open, so turn your speakers
on.  You will have to have a Pentium 100MHz for the demo to run at any
sort of decent speed.  I test on a Pentium 150Mhz which works great.
****Your X display will have to be in 8 bit pseudocolor mode.****

Just type "demo1" and a screen should come up.  Put your mouse
cursor in the demo window.  Your display colors will be strange;
do not be alarmed.  The colors in the Tremor window should be
correct.  The Tremor window will be 320x200 pixels, which might be
kind of small.  Adjust your X resolution with Ctrl-Alt-Minus as

Now move around using the arrow keys.  Some fun things to do are
to climb up and jump around on the platform in the middle of the
first room.  Notice how you fight your way up the slope, and coast
easily down.  That's gravity, man!  Now head through the sliding
door north to the the northwest tower.  Head back to the start room
and take the sloped hallway up the the southeast tower until you
are on the ledge.  Look up.  Look down.  Look around.  Follow the
ledge to the other entrance at the same level, and jump over to
the other sloped hallway--careful, don't slide back!  Fight your
way up the slope to the other tower, then jump.  That's it.  Hey,
pretty good with vi as your world editor.

If you see an asterisk (*) in the upper left of the display then your
computer is not keeping up with a 40ms frame rendering time.  Try
demo2, which should run about 30-50% faster than demo1.

Here are the key functions:

Key                 Action
---                 ------
lt arrrow           turn left
rt arrow            turn right
pageup              look up
pagedn              look dn
spacebar            jump
j,k                 rotate view
G                   glance back over left shoulder
shift               speed up (sort of works uphill)
ctrl                fire (well make a sound, anyway)
Q                   quit
S                   write a pcx screen snapshot (scrn0, 1, 2, . . . )
f                   turn off (on) gravity
-                   turn off (on) collision detection (best to turn off gravity first)

Note that practically every other key does something cryptic that is
used for testing and development.  If things get wigged out, you probably
pressed some bad key accidently.  Quit out of the demo and restart.

Oh yeah, for fun, type "-" to turn off collision detection and look up as
you fall through the floor down to -maxint.

What's coming soon:  Poly models for enemies and players, more engine
features, lighting, better world editing tools (emacs? :) . . . want to
get involved?  Drop me a line at drewes at

Thanks to Haken "Zap" Andersson for several ideas that haven't paid
off yet, but will soon . . .