Rich's Current Obsession

Didn't you hear? The new official Tremor Demo Version 2 page is here.

The Tremor 3d Graphics Engine download it here!

Read the demo1 README

The entry tower . . .

Looking down from a ledge . . .

Looking down a ramp into the entry room. . .

A hallway . . .

Wireframe mode . . .

What you see above is a real time free-direction texture mapped 3d game engine prototype that is written in C for Linux/X but will port easily to DOS. It is currently capable of frame rates up to 30fps on reasonably interesting images. With assembly optimization that figure should stay about the same even when it is doing fun game-like things.

The medium term objective is a Quake/Descent style game. The game scenario has been selected and details will be coming soon.


Q: 'Tremor' . . . is that some kind of a play on 'Quake'?
A: Yes, you're so clever.

Q: Is there anything to shoot at yet?
A: Not quite yet, stay tuned for demo2.

Q: Can I get my very own demo copy of Tremor to play with?
A: Yes! Right here.

Q: Can I get involved and work on the game?
A: Maybe. Drop me a line here.

Here is the distant ancestor of Tremor, a Polygon based graphics engine. That's a spaceship floating in space next to a . . . uh . . . space cube.